Introducing Frowh Inc., a 32 Soft Associate



From time to time we work with or meet individuals and companies who offer products or services that our clients may need. Meet Frowh, Inc.

Frowh offers worldwide support for QAD implementations, upgrades, conversions, and interfaces to/from multiple systems/databases, specializing in manufacturing and enterprise resource planning (MRP, ERP), and Financials:

  • QAD (MFG/PRO) — versions Eb21 EB2 EB
  • QAD 2017 EE – QAD 2016 EE – YAB (QAD SE to QAD 2017 EE conversions)
  • QAD 2011 EE – 2015 EE / 2016EE and SE, 8, 9, eB2 NetUI, Gui and Chui, .Net, Enterprise — among supported packages. QAD optimizations (programs and QAD browses)
  • Functional and technical services. Multiple Operating systems, third generation languages, UNIX / Linux shell programming and networking.
  • Dashboard, Reporting Framework, Customization, Support and training services.

Frowh Inc.
Contact: Renato Palomino
1 561 488 9600