Get GL transactions from QAD the pain-free way

Do you moan and groan about the time and tedium when the auditor asks for all of last year’s transactions?

If you’ve ever had to download hundreds of thousands of transactions from QAD EE for the auditors, you know what I mean. With the QAD restrictions of 50K records, you can spend hour after mind-numbing hour selecting criteria, reselecting criteria, downloading, redownloading, backtracking, copy/pasting until you finally have 30 or 40 Excel files to combine into one huge Excel file for the auditor.

It is not only an exasperating waste of time and resources, it keeps you from more interesting and productive work.

Did you know there’s a QAD utility that allows you to eliminate the 50K download restriction? All you have to do it enable it and we’ll tell you how.

GET FREE INSTRUCTIONS to eliminate this restriction so you can quickly and easily give the auditors what they need and get back to more productive work.