Administering QAD security for SOX compliancy

Administering QAD security for SOX compliancyIf your company is publicly held, you know how strict SOX requirements are on system security. If you use QAD ERP to manage your business’ data, you know that managing your security isn’t a straightforward task, considering its complex program menu structure. The more user groups you have in your company, the more complicated it becomes.

You also know how cumbersome it can be to generate reports to satisfy SOX compliancy audits.

Here’s where 32 Soft’s Access Security Data Loader comes in. This powerful tool was designed to greatly improve QAD ERP security maintenance, audit and analysis.

Even if SOX compliancy doesn’t apply to your company, you’ll want to try this easy-to-use tool that makes administering QAD security quick and easy.

The Access Security Data Loader allows you to download menu security data with group and user information from QAD into easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets for your analysis, maintenance, and audits – with just a click of a button!

You can review and analyze menu security and filter by security groups and QAD menus. And, then, with a click of a button, upload your changes and additions directly into your QAD system!

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How to Manage Your QAD Menu Security

for Easy Audits and Analysis

Whether you need to be SOX compliant or just need an easier way to manage QAD menu access, this webinar will show how you can clearly analyze and audit menu security settings and effectively manage required areas of QAD menu security.

We’re joined by Horia Grosu who talks about how DFINE, Inc. uses the Access Security Data Loader to manage their QAD access security.