9 Technology Forces that will Shape the Future

Tech Trends 2019
Beyond the digital frontier

The Tech Trends 2019 report was released from Deloitte earlier this year, identifying nine technology trends that offer the most promising innovation and growth.

Three of these trends aren’t new. In fact, they have evolved to become fundamental corporate strategies that form the backbone of future innovation: Digital experience, Analytics, and Cloud. Despite their pervasiveness in the corporate environment, companies have yet to untap the full potential of these technologies. They are often disjointed, departmental, and limited in scope.

Three additional trends—digital reality, cognitive technologies, and blockchain—are quickly gaining importance. Virtual and augmented reality are redefining the ways we interact with our surroundings, with data, and with each other. Blockchain is becoming a purveyor of trust. Cognitive technologies include such things as machine learning, robotic process automation, natural language processing, neural nets, and AI.

Three formative forces are essential in digital transformation: modernizing core systems, elevating cybersecurity and compliance-based activity to an embedded, strategic function, and reengineering and future-proofing your organization’s technology.

The Tech Trends 2019: Executive summary states,

“Just because these nine forces—digital experience, cloud, analytics, blockchain, cognitive, digital reality, business of technology, core modernization, and cyber—are no longer particularly novel doesn’t mean they are not vitally important. In fact, one of the most pressing challenges technology and business leaders face is how to excavate and harness the value these macro forces can deliver collectively.

For example, the factory of the future needs to bring together next-gen ERP, machine learning, embedded sensors across the production floor, augmented reality training, mobile visualization and predictive flow scheduling, secure networks, and cloud-based tools for managing workflow across the supply chain. Not to mention the need to retool workers and cross-pollinate between traditional information and operational technology roles and skills.”

You can read the full report, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and more at https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/insights/focus/tech-trends.html.