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QAD Variances Webinar

Variances are a big problem for cost accountants. They threaten profitability, and it can be time-consuming for the accounting staff to analyze and reconcile them. It takes a lot of deep digging to uncover the reasons for the variances, so red flags go up whenever variances become unreasonably high. In this webinar, Don Lindsey will […]

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Tips for Easy QAD Budgets

Looking for better ways to get GL budget from the Excel spreadsheet into QAD 25.5.1 menu? Get a free trial of our Budget Loader.

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Why financial QAD users choose GL Analyzer

Real time QAD business intelligence – in the Excel spreadsheet format. GL Analyzer gives you instant access to real-time QAD data in your favorite easy-to-read Excel format, provides deep visibility into your financial and sub ledger data and documents. GL Analyzer increases productivity and effectiveness by providing the information you need to reconcile ledgers, monitor […]

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