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Auto Remittance Notice Keeps Your Suppliers Happy

Are your suppliers asking for payment remittance notifications? Do you find it adds way too much time to your AP process? Having trouble keeping up? Why not implement this scalable solution… Auto Remittance Notice from 32 Soft uses our LBox technology to immediately send a remittance notification email to your supplier when a payment is […]

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New! LBoxPlus

Many of you are familiar with—and use—our LBox product that converts ERP reports into PDF or Excel documents and emails them to your customers, partners, and staff. Now with LBoxPlus you can send professional documents right to your printers! LBoxPlus gives you the added ability to send your documents to your physical printer. What this […]

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What is LBOX?

What is LBOX? It automatically converts ERP reports into PDF or Excel documents and distributes to designated group or recipients or individuals via email.

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Customer auto-invoicing from QAD

Let the computer do the work, not your staff. Enable Auto-invoicing from QAD or any other ERP system with LBOX Software. It runs on complete autopilot: it generates Invoices in nice branded PDF forms then sends them with personalized emails to your customers. You can do it yourself or we can help. Read how-to. Also, […]

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