MRP: How To Make It Fail



MRP is a powerful planning system for manufacturing enterprises, but it doesn’t always live up to its promise for many companies. Why not? There are many factors.

In this webinar, Don Lindsey explores the common reasons that MRP fails or doesn’t live up to its promise. From inadequate planning data and order dates to incorrect transaction processing to a faulty setup of modules, you’ll see how these pitfalls impact MRP.

Plus, Don reviews the basic needs of a well-run MRP process and shows you how to avoid inaccurate information in POs, Work Orders and Sales Orders. You’ll learn how to set up everything correctly—from part numbers to BOMs and date issues so you can make MRP succeed!

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Questions from the webinar

What are your thoughts on using Resource Planning rather than or in addition to Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)?
What is the best way to handle MRP requirements across domains?
From your experience, do you have a top 3 gotchas?


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