Inter-Company Orders from One Excel Template



Learn how you can easily streamline and efficiently manage your sales and purchasing processes between multiple business units with standard QAD functionality. We’ll show you how you can …

      •   Run a complete intercompany SO/PO cycle from a single Excel template
      •   Manage and monitor your inter-company orders, shipments and in-transit quantities
      •   Transfer orders into another business unit in QAD
      •   Monitor orders status in real-time from creation through transmission, shipment and receipt
      •   Maintain data integrity between business units

Questions from the webinar

What are the most common questions about this tool?
Is this tool just for QAD inter-company sites that have a buy/sell relationship and not for those sites that are in a DRP relationship?
Just to confirm, there is no need for QAD EDI module in order to utilize this tool, right?
We are in the process of implementing EMT. How does this enhance the process?
Where is the In-Transit shipment information from the SBU stored in the PBU? Is it visible from MRP?
Can this tool be used in more than one domain configuration?