Inter-Company Order Manager

Easy and Accurate Inter-Company Order Management Can Be Achieved in QAD!

Do you order items from another business entity or have customer orders for which you need to create inter-company orders? Do you have multiple sites and need to eliminate double entries and inefficiencies in information exchange between business sites within QAD?

With Inter-Company Order Manager, you can streamline and efficiently manage your sales and purchasing processes between multiple business units with standard QAD functionality using our Data Loader technology.

•   Run a complete inter-company SO/PO cycle from a single Excel template
•   Manage and monitor your inter-company orders, shipments and in-transit
•   Transfer orders into another business unit in QAD
•   Monitor orders status in real-time from creation through transmission, shipment
    and receipt
•   Maintain data integrity between business units with simple and easy to use
•   Validate data accuracy — all of our Data Loaders validate accuracy during the
    upload and terminate if your data contains errors
•   Correct errors which are conveniently flagged with reason for error and
    upload again
•   Enjoy a simple interface that is completely SOX compliant

Get the flexibility you need to react quickly to customer needs.
Order Inter-Company Order Manager Data Loader today and enjoy immediate results.

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