#WECUG Bay Area User Day 2018 Presentation

WECUG Bay Area User Day 2018 Conference
3:30 pm, April 5, 2018

Don Lindsey


Alex Kim
32 Soft

Don Lindsey at CESI knows that today’s best enterprises respond quickly and operate efficiently. He also knows how much companies depend on their ERP data for smooth operation and effective decision-making. All that data needs to be well-managed, which can mean tedious and repetitive tasks that are a source of pain to staff. It can keep them from reacting adequately to customer needs and give them spotty or inaccurate data — which adds to their everyday stress.

If you are attending the WECUG Bay Area User Day in Santa Clara, CA in April, don’t miss this opportunity to find out how CESI has eliminated bottle-necks, saved hundreds of man-hours, and increased profitability across their enterprise with the help of 32 Soft’s solutions for QAD. CESI shattered the pain chain in the areas of master data maintenance, inventory control, production and planning, supply chain management, financial oversight, and compliance!

Join Don Lindsey and Alex Kim at the Spring 2018 WECUG Bay Area User Day!



WECUG Bay Area User Day Spring 2018
April 5, 2018
Santa Clara, CA