Research On-demand: A new service from 32 Soft

Designed to help you make the best business decisions for your company

Making the best decisions for your business involves a step-by-step process. It starts with clearly defining your goal, which will inform every other step of your process and will help you not get sidetracked by different agendas.

Once you have identified your goal, it’s time to gather information, analyze it and evaluate your options which can often be a problem step for companies. To thoroughly investigate the options, you need to gather complete and accurate information and facts. But, there is so much information available to you these days from your internal systems and outside sources. Much of that data is complex and may not be fully complete or accurate. And some of the data may be irrelevant.

Some organizations have qualified analysts on staff who can conduct the research, analyze the data, and evaluate the possible solutions. But many companies lack the critical internal team capable of assessing and validating the data and weighing the pros and cons of the various outcomes. Even those with the staff sometimes need extra help because of work overload. As we all know, the cost of an erroneous business decision can be significant and detrimental.

What if a team of seasoned experts can do that work for you? These are professionals in fields such as R&D, engineering, mechanical design, and technology who successfully use proven methodologies to validate, evaluate and summarize volumes of data into an executive report that presents findings, options, and recommendations — succinctly, clearly, and confidentially.

This service includes, but is not limited to, researching and structuring information, identifying trends, forecasting, and applying TRIZ. Analysis from an independent team of experts could not only supplement and reinforce your existing team of analysts but also help uncover some areas you’ve missed and help you to avoid costly mistakes in your business. Contact us for more information.