Hope to See You During our Busy Fall Season


We’ve got a busy Fall 2021 season of events. We hope you can join us at our upcoming webinars and conferences.

First up in August is our webinar, Simple PCO/PCC ManagementAugust 18, 1 pm EDT. During this webinar, Oleana will demonstrate how you can achieve better control, greater visibility, faster management, and an automatic audit trail of your product changes in QAD with our Data Loader.

Olena returns in September with another webinar, Get Control and Visibility of Back-to-Back Orders, on September 15, 1 pm EDT. If your company does business at more than one location, don’t miss this demonstration of our InterCompany Transactions Workbench, which makes managing back-to-back orders easy, giving you an effective communication tool and ultimate control. 

It will be great to see you all in person when we attend the MWUG Fall 2021 Conference, September 19-21 in Dearborn, Michigan. We’ll have a booth there, so please stop by. And, Don Linsey will present How QAD’s Production Orders Can Benefit Your Manufacturing Process on Monday, September 20 at the conference. Don will outline Production Order functionality, introduced in the QAD 2016 EE version, and discuss its benefits for those in a multi-mode production environment.

In October, we’re off to Santa Barbara, California for the West Coast User Group Fall 2021 conference, Oct 10-12. Don will be presenting Sales & Operations Planning Success at the conference. In this presentation, Don will discuss the value, benefits, and common challenges of Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP). He’ll also demonstrate how to use QAD tools to assist in coordinating Sales, Engineering, Operations, Finance, and R&D to measure performance against plan and develop a validated and approved projection of activities for the coming months.

Olena will present a webinar, Fast, Accurate, and Easy Production Planning on October 20, 1 pm EDT. Find out how our Production Planner Data Loaders provide you with real-time access to QAD data and instant visibility of the orders, available resources, and demands you need, whether you’re in a discrete or scheduled environment — or you use both. Join Olena Stepovyk as she proves how Production Planners can improve and simplify your production plan and schedule.

In November, Don will present a webinar, Balancing Inventory & Customer Need with DRP on November 17, 1 pm EST.  In this webinar, Don Lindsey will explain how QAD’s Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) functionality helps balance customer demand while keeping inventory levels and costs down by using time-phased supply to meet the demand for each product at each warehouse in a distribution channel. He’ll give some pointers on how to keep your DRP process in sync.

We hope you can join us for all or any of these exciting Fall events!