Get Results from Your Cycle Count Program

At the heart of any inventory counting process is the need to maintain a high level of inventory accuracy. Most experts agree that a sound cycle count process should deliver specific results.

First, it should help you unearth inventory discrepancies and their causes before they impact your operations. You can then take corrective action, which expands your efficiency and boosts your customer service.

Your cycle count should also meet accounting and auditor requirements regarding frequency, controls, and accuracy levels, and provide the tools and resources for compliance tracking and reports.

Furthermore, your cycle count process should reduce your safety stock levels due to higher accuracy.

Our Cycle Count Data Loader helps you achieve all of these results. And, we’ve recently made it even better with a new log designed to build an audit trail for compliance!

The log, stored in QAD, provides the documentation needed for each cycle count. The reports are accessible at any time, and you can print and sign them to create the required audit documents for SOX compliance.

Automatically generated after you load the cycle count data to QAD from the Cycle Count Data Loader, the log includes variance dollar value of the system count to the cycle count.

The cycle count logs, which are stored by date in QAD, can be accessed anytime. So, whenever needed, you can check that logs match the printed and signed documents from the time of the inventory cycle count. Not only does the log make it easy to understand the variances to the system count, but it also explains the factors involved in the cycle count that result in an inventory revaluation.

To find out more about this added feature to our Cycle Count Data Loader, join us for a free webinar, Be Cycle Count Compliant – Automatically!