32 Soft Presents at Spring 2022 User Groups

It was great to attend the Spring Midwest User Group and West Coast User Group conferences. Thanks to all who visited with us and attended our presentations. And, thanks to those who worked hard to organize the events. If you didn’t get the opportunity to attend the Spring user group conferences, you can watch our presentations here.

The Intricacies of QAD’s Business Relations

Presented by Don Lindsey and the MWUG Fall Conference

Business Relations in QAD EE is an intricate web of interconnected records, menus, and data maintenance screens. In this presentation, Don unpacks QAD EE Business Relations to help you better understand its complexity and how all the pieces interconnect. He shows how the individual create menus interact with Business Relations and explores connections between Business Relations and customer, supplier, and end-user maintenance screens. Don also discusses the financial concepts that define Business Relations functionality and gives you tips and pointers for using Business Relations to their full potential.

QAD Tools for Life Science Companies

Presented by Don Lindsey at the WECUG Fall Conference

In this presentation, Don looks at several of the pertinent QAD modules important for the Life Science and Medical Device industries. Don covers such topics as Compliance, Lot Trace, Formulas, Supplier and requisition control, Field Service Management and other tools available to life science companies.