2022 September

Posts made in September, 2022

More Easily Control Your Distribution Orders

Does your company have multiple distribution centers? Do you struggle with the efficient management of distribution orders? If so, you’ll want to watch this webinar demonstrating our new Distribution Order (DO) Workbench Data Loader. This powerful tool helps you manage distribution orders to multiple manufacturing facilities more efficiently, bring balance to supply and demand, and […]

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Supply Chain Certification and Training

Editor’s Note: If you plan to attend the Fall 2022 MWUG or WECUG conferences, Don will be giving a presentation, Get Educated About Supply Chain, at both conferences. He will provide an overview of the concepts that are applicable in a modern ERP system and discuss the history of the development of MRP in ERP, […]

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Resources for Your Supply Chain Career

Over the last few years, it has become apparent how important Supply Chain is to the world’s economy and our everyday lives. It has never been more important to increase your value as a Supply Chain professional. Here are some resources that will help you expand your career options, from certification programs and additional learning […]

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