2013 August

Posts made in August, 2013

Backlog: collaborate online in real-time

You know this scenario all too well. Someone spends hours updating QAD and generating a report that is used to make decisions in a production meeting. Decisions are passed on to the rest of the order fulfillment unit, but, because the data used to make the decision is not completely up-to-date, those decisions start to […]

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Troubleshooting Record Locks in QAD

How to Find the Cause of Locked Records “Help, we can’t ship!” “We can’t process today’s orders!” “I’m up against a deadline and QAD is blocking me!” Complaints like these make your head hurt. Not only do you have to face irritated QAD users, but you know business is suffering and management is not happy. […]

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Online Requisition System for QAD

Speed up your purchasing process, replace paper based purchasing and approval process with easy-to-use online process. Automatic approval routing, the ability to add supporting documentation, easy-to-maintain approval workflows, email alerts and reminders. Avoid bottlenecks by assigning alternate approvers when the primary approver is unavailable.

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Consigned Inventory Returns Data Loader

This Excel tool has been designed to automate the complicated process of consigned inventory credit returns, as well as consigned inventory scraps. Using the reported consigned inventory data, the program safely generates multiple entries in corresponding QAD screens: Pending Invoice Maintenance 7.13.1, Sales Order Maintenance 7.1.1, Shipper/Pre-shipper Workbench 7.9.2, Shipper Confirm 7.9.5 and unplanned-issue 3.7 […]

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