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Consigned Inventory Returns Data Loader

This Excel tool has been designed to automate the complicated process of consigned inventory credit returns, as well as consigned inventory scraps. Using the reported consigned inventory data, the program safely generates multiple entries in corresponding QAD screens: Pending Invoice Maintenance 7.13.1, Sales Order Maintenance 7.1.1, Shipper/Pre-shipper Workbench 7.9.2, Shipper Confirm 7.9.5 and unplanned-issue 3.7 […]

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Customer Consignment Inventory Usage

More and more businesses start using Customer consignment module in QAD. This is great business practice and it is implemented nicely in QAD ERP. However when big volume of data is processed, 7.18.13 QAD menu may become a bottleneck. Check this video to learn how Data Loader technology may help you to process volume usage […]

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