2012 April

Posts made in April, 2012

Copy/paste/upload Customer Schedule to QAD

You can manage customer schedules from convenient Excel spreadsheet tool. If customer emails you their demand, then simply copy-paste and upload to QAD. Great alternative to EDI or traditional EMT process in environments, where one sister entity fulfills orders for another one.

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Customer auto-invoicing from QAD

Let the computer do the work, not your staff. Enable Auto-invoicing from QAD or any other ERP system with LBOX Software. It runs on complete autopilot: it generates Invoices in nice branded PDF forms then sends them with personalized emails to your customers. You can do it yourself or we can help. Read how-to. Also, […]

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Multi Sales Order Data Loader for QAD ERP

This powerful tool allows you to import sales orders easily into QAD from another system, like Salesforce.com or similar. Or you can quickly update sales order details such as dates, quantities from convenient Excel template. Watch the demo video to learn how you can improve your process. Request trial verion.

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