Compiling progress programs

When you receive encrypted Data Loaders Progress programs from 32 Soft, they need to be compiled or re-compiled, if it is a patch. All progress programs located in $xld/xrc directory, so all $xld/xrc/*.p programs should be compiled.

Un-compiled Progress code would work too, however compiled code will speed up the Interface and make it more stable and reliable. So it’s highly recommended.

Do the following steps:

    • If you received new Progress programs from 32 Soft, place them to $xld/xrc direcotory on your QAD server.
    • Find *.bcli script in your $xld directory, for example test.ini.bcli.
    • Make a copy of this file over comp script.

cp test.ini.bcli comp
    • Edit comp file, remove -p cli.p -b startup parameters and adding -param comp.p, so it will look similar to this:

. /qad/32soft/plp/xld.fnlib; cd $JSERV_HOME;

$DLC/bin/_progres -c 30 -d mdy -yy 1920 -Bt 350 -D 100 -mmax 3000 -nb
200 -s 63 -noshvarfix -pf -param comp.p
    • Change comp file permissions:

chmod 755 comp
    • Launch ./comp script
    • Edit comp.p file to include all *p to compile. Then F3 to go to the menu, select file, save.

propath = ".,./xrc," + propath.
compile cli.p       save  into "./code".
compile ttdbname.p  save  into "./code".
compile ttglld04.p  save  into "./code".
compile ttglld4a.p  save  into "./code".
  • Press F1 keyboard button to compile.
  • F3 ->File-> Exit


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