Create SO Shippers with the Click of a Button!



Find out just how fast, easy and smooth your SO shippers creation process in QAD can be. In this webinar we will show you how our SO Shipper Data Loader’s simple interface allows you to use our Excel-based software to view QAD data and quickly and easily create sales order shippers. This powerful tool will help you:

      •   Download QAD detailed information about current and upcoming shipments into Excel spreadsheets
      •   Review allocated and picked quantities
      •   Create new SO shippers – with a click of a button
      •   Import third party shippers into QAD
      •   Validate shipper details against QAD using genuine QAD logic
      •   Efficiently utilize existing QAD functionality
      •   Have greater control over shipping process
      •   Reduce turnaround time while increasing accuracy and efficiency

Questions from the webinar

Do you have a similar Data Loader for supplier schedules?
Is there an upcoming webinar for supplier schedules?
How many lines can you process with this Data Loader at a time?
Will a blank line inserted between data lines stop the processing?
Assuming we get shipment information from a 3rd party partner with a specific lot number, can we process the shipment transaction using this utility as well as creating the shipper?
When a sales order line item is serial controlled and has an order quantity greater than 1, how does the Data Loader handle the serial’s input?
Does this tool generate a bill of lading?
Does this Data Loader work with all versions of QAD EE, say 2012.1, or just the more recent versions like 2014?
Will you be demonstrating these solutions at Explore?
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