Pending Invoice Data Loader


Import Sales Order Shipments from Excel to QAD in Seconds!

If you performed order shipments outside of QAD and want to import those sales invoices to QAD in bulk, then this Data Loader is for you! The Pending Invoice Data Loader allows you to easily, with the click of a button, upload the shipments to create sales invoices in QAD. This tool can also be used to create and import sales rebates. You can simply download sales history for customers or products from QAD, use that data to create rebates, and then safely upload to QAD.

•   Mass import order shipments from an external file
•   Create rebates quickly and easily
•   Safely upload data directly into QAD with a click of button
•   Reduce order entry time while increasing accuracy
•   Increase your productivity and reduce errors

Give Pending Invoice Data Loader a try today and enjoy immediate results.

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