Using QAD Data to Measure On-Time Delivery



It is said that what gets measured gets managed. What gets managed gets done.

In this 30-minute webinar, we talk about how important it is to measure and manage key performance indicators, like on-time delivery, for the overall health of your company. You’ll discover a tool that uses your QAD data to measure your on-time delivery in real-time — and presents it in a concise way to every member of your team who needs to know, whether they are a QAD user or not.


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Questions from the webinar

How do you calculate late delivery and can you change the criteria?
Is the website set up and hosted at my facility?
Can you address issues in customer schedules where partial shipments are made and how does that accumulate and determine whether the order is early, on-time or late?
Can this be installed on our QAD 2015 EE system?
Please explain how the Data Loader defines the reason codes. Does it work with actual QAD data or with user defined data fields?


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