Item-Site Cost Manager

Significantly Increase Accuracy and Precision in Your Cost Analysis

Item-Site Cost Manager Data Loader has been designed to massively manage SIM cost sets, replacing the need to manually update one record at a time in QAD’s 30.13.5 menu. This Data Loader increases your productivity, reduces errors and contributes to your bottom line.

•   Quickly download data directly to the Data Loader Excel spreadsheet
•   Massively change standard, current or SIM cost sets using Excel functionality
•   Easily update the cost elements of purchased items and other parts
•   Accurately manage a random number of cost elements per cost set
•   Upload your revised data to QAD without IT involvement!
•   Validate data accuracy — uploads terminate if your data contains errors
•   Correct conveniently flagged errors and upload again
•   Increase productivity, reduce errors, and contribute to your bottom line

Improve the efficiency of your financial data management.
Order Item-Site Cost Manager Data Loader today and enjoy immediate results.

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