Make Vouchers & Rebates Easier to Manage



Do you want to enhance and simplify control over payments to your suppliers and service providers? Are you happy with your current employee’s expenses submission practice? Do you have to deal with tedious customer rebates?

AP Voucher Data Loader for QAD menu 28.1 allows you to quickly, accurately, and with minimal effort create vouchers in QAD using Excel spreadsheets. It is a versatile tool that you can use to create inventory vouchers, manage employee expense reports or handle customer rebates. This short webinar shows how to…

      •   Monitor non-vouchered supplier receipts directly in Excel
      •   Mass-create inventory (three-way match) or non-inventory AP vouchers in QAD
      •   Review vendor activity and balances directly from Excel
      •   Hand over business expense reporting to employees safely and efficiently
      •   Improve the efficiency of customer rebates processing
      •   Reduce manual data entry
      •   Upload data directly into QAD with the click of a button—safely and securely

Questions from the webinar

Will this Loader work in any language (i.e. Spanish and Chinese)?
Does this Loader allow look up by supplier name or only by full/partial supplier number?
If I already have a list of suppliers, POs, amounts, etc. (e.g. report from optical character recognition system with suppliers, POs, invoices and amounts), do I need to download receipt details from QAD? And, can I process all suppliers at once, instead of one by one?
If I have a list of suppliers and their POs and paste it into this Loader, can I process the list all at once or do I have to do it line by line?
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