2020 November

Posts made in November, 2020

The Do’s and Don’ts of Forecasting

Recently, MRP specialist Don Lindsey presented a webinar, Forecasting—What Does the Future Hold?  This infographic was inspired by Don’s presentation. You can watch the webinar replay here. Related resources: Using Simulation Forecasts in QAD Summary and Simulated Forecast Data Loaders for QAD  

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QAD EE Business Relations

by Don Lindsey With the advent of the EE versions of QAD, there is a new data element introduced to SE’s familiar structure. If you deal with the EE versions, you have had to come to grips with this new concept of the “Business Relation.” Business Relations is a new element that ties the address […]

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Implement Auto Invoice in QAD

Stop wasting time with manual invoicing, replace it with Auto-Invoice where generated invoices immediately emailed to customers. Avoid errors, reduce invoicing time and cost. Implement it completely by yourself or with help from consultants.

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