Effective Strategies for Production Planning



Whether you are in a discrete or scheduled order environment – or utilize a mix of both — effective production planning and scheduling is critical to the productivity and efficiency of your business. In this 20 minute webinar we’ll …

      •   show you effective strategies and options for a fast, easy and smooth production planning process
      •   discuss QAD’s MSW/PSW module and how to get the most out of its functionality
      •   demonstrate how you can quickly and easily manage production planning and scheduling using our simple Excel interface

Questions from the webinar

Does 32 Soft’s Production Planner provide production sequence and labor force requirements?
Can you modify work order component requirements in 16.13.1 with this tool?
We produce based on lots from our customer. Can we schedule using these lots?
Can you split work orders in this tool like you can when using the QAD 16.9 menu?
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