Significantly Speed up Sales Order Entry in QAD



Do you…

process a large number of sales orders each day?
receive orders from multiple sources like customer emails, files, EDI, your website,
have orders with lots of line items?

If so, your customer service staff likely spends a great deal of their day processing orders and getting them into QAD. You’ll want to watch this webinar where we’re joined by David McCloskey from Kauffman Engineering.

Find out how you can manage sales order entry and upload to QAD without implementing costly transformation interfaces. We will show you just how fast, easy and smooth your order entry process can be and David will share how Kauffman Engineering reduced their processing time and increased their productivity.


Questions from the webinar

Can we enter ship-to on the fly?
We are looking into ways to convert FAX orders to QAD.
This looks like it is only for discrete orders. What about scheduled orders and schedule line item updates and additions?
Is the process configurable if our validation rules are different than standard QAD?
What is the underlying mechanism used to communicate with QAD both for validation and the actual load (CIM, QXtend, etc)?
Does this Data Loader integrate with EDI?


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