FAQs about AR Cash Application

How did you enter the information into Excel? I don’t see the time savings.
We only have one customer, so we will get one check with about 500 invoices to clear from that one check. Can we use this tool?
We process prepayments in our A/R module. If the invoice is posted for an amount LESS than the prepayment, then I have a hanging unapplied credit. If the customer wants cash back, then I pay them through A/P. Looking for a smoother solution.
What if I receive payment from customers, but I don’t have their customer bill-to number. Will QAD auto populate that cell accordingly with reference to the invoice number?
We write off our variances because they are usually just pricing errors and apply them straight to sales. Is there a way write off those variances when recording payments through the Loader?
Can we just copy and paste our info into the Loader?
In our case, variances go to the discount account and we change this discount account as required. Can we change this discount account when processing payments in batch through the Loader?
What we receive from our bank is in a much more abbreviated format than what you show as the initial input. Have you been able to work with banks to get the information in a better, more importable format.
Is there a way to demo the software to see if it works well with our process?
How do you take a file that has multiple domains worth of data?
How do you map EDI data to the csv file?
Is there any way to enter details in the remarks field with this Excel macro?
How can you handle checks that are Non-AR related, that would be posted as “N” with an account number?
Can you enter manual payments? For example, if we have a payment from the customer but no invoices in QAD to apply it?
Can you process/validate to the invoice line level (different part number on each line)?
We receive payments from 4 different sources. Wire transfers, Lockbox, Desktop Deposits & PayPal. Would you recommend your product in this case?
Can you go into 27.6.4 using your batch and make changes, such as non AR?
Does this tool work for both QAD SE and QAD EE?
What if we receive short payment and we have to right off remaining balance to bank fees, freight, interchange rates, etc. Do we have to manually enter those entries or will this Excel macro suffice?
Will I benefit from this tool if I don’t have lockbox file or large volume of payments? Usually I have 10 to 40 invoices paid per day.
We receive payment information from the customer in Excel format. Can we copy and paste it from there into the Loader ourselves?
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