AR Debit/Credit Memo


Maximize Your Efficiency When Creating Credit & Debit Memos

Credit/Debit Memo 27.1 is designed to maximize QAD user efficiency in creating debit and credit memos
in QAD menu 27.1 DR/CR Memo Maintenance.

•   Get real time access to existing QAD details – downloaded into easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets
    for your review and edits
•   Create new CR/DR memos in convenient Excel spreadsheets using all of Excel’s functionality
•   Upload your changes and additions directly into your QAD system with a click of a button
    – without IT involvement!
•   Validate data accuracy — all of our Data Loaders validate accuracy during the upload and
    terminate if your data contains errors
•   Correct errors which are conveniently flagged with reason for error and upload again
•   Increase your productivity, reduce errors, and contribute significantly to your bottom line

Get the accuracy and ease you need to superbly manage your debit and credit process.
Order AR Debit/Credit Memo Data Loader today and enjoy the immediate results.

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