Cycle Count User Guide


Download function is a simplified version of 3.13 Cycle Count Worksheet print. It will bring into Excel list of items, their descriptions, lot serials, references and unit of measures and quantity on hand.

Users will only need to fill in quantity counted and remarks if any.

Users can also change Effective Date (default today) and update the Credit Account, Sub Account and Cost Center used for the transaction, if left blank the system will use default Account, Sub-Account and Cost Center.

By default, the column “Count Type” will be filled in with “Initial” (for initial count).

User will fill in quantities counted and click on “Upload” button.

Out of tolerance validation will be run prior to loading any data using QAD logic built into 3.14 Cycle Count Results Entry.

If there will be any “Out of tolerance” quantities corresponding lines will be flagged (e.g., colored in red) and user will need either to delete those lines from the load or check the count results and flip Count type to “Recount”.

User will click on the Upload again.

For lines with Count Type = “Initial” validation will be run again. For lines with Count Type = “Recount” validation will be skipped.

After passing validation data will be loaded into QAD 3.14 menu.

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