Customer Service Workbench


Give Non-QAD Users the Tool They Need to Provide Exemplary Customer Service


32 Soft’s Customer Service Workbench is a secure, easy-to-use, online portal for sales reps,
customers, distributors, order takers and other users who don’t have direct access to
your QAD system. It gives them them a quick way to to enter, monitor and manage customer
orders and quotes and provides immediate and relevant sales information.

•   View details of open orders and pending quotes on easy-to-use screens
•   Drill down to view order and quote details
•   Enter new quotes and orders, change or delete existing quotes and orders
or turn a quote into an order with the click of a button — all safely saved to QAD
•   Get reliable access from mobile devices Android/iPhone/iPad
•   Customize to fit your business processes

Give your non-QAD users the tool they need to serve customers with confidence and ease.
Give us a call at 1-877-348-5432 to find out more about Customer Service Workbench.

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