The Intricacies of QAD’s Business Relations



Business Relations in QAD EE is an intricate web of interconnected records, menus, and data maintenance screens. If you use this functionality in QAD, or plan to, it is essential to understand its complexity and how all the pieces inter-connect.

In this webinar, Don Lindsey…

      •   Unpacks QAD EE Business Relations
      •   Shows how 13 individual EE create menus interact with Business Relations
      •   Explores connections between Business Relations and customer, supplier and end user maintenance screens
      •   Discusses the financial concepts that define Business Relations functionality
      •   Gives you tips and pointers for using Business Relations to its full potential

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Questions from the webinar

If a Business Relation Active Box isn’t check, are you prevented from using the Business Relation in other modules (i.e. Salesperson Master, Employee Create, etc.)?
Do the user-defined SAF codes flow into the financial modules automatically? In earlier versions of QAD EE only system-provided SAF codes worked.
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