A Better View of Production Needs & Schedules



We’ve added graphical formats to our popular Production Planning Data Loader that you’ll love! See how the new functionality gives you additional ways to view and interpret your production schedule. You’ll identify resource shortages and scheduling conflicts quickly and clearly, so you can respond with speed and efficiency. In this 20 minute session, you’ll find out how you can…

      •   View the production schedule in graph format to better see what’s happening on the shop floor
      •   Get critical knowledge at a glance: scheduling conflicts and resource shortages are highlighted
      •   Move projects to different days/times right in the graph and upload those changes to QAD
      •   Get instant insight into your resources and capacity with calendar and capacity views
      •   And, more!

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Questions from the webinar

Is this tool available for trial?
Where is the shared tool information stored?
Is this tool an alternative to MSW?
Is this available for discrete work orders and advanced repetitive?
Do you need have the MSW/DSW license installed or have MSW/DSW operational in QAD to use this tool?
Can this work for Operational Scheduling (Work Centers)?
Do you have a tool available—or will this tool work—for doing operation-to-operation scheduling which would then update the work order start and due dates as well as operation start and due dates.
With what versions of QAD will this tool work?
Does the shop calendar tool you are showing also work for reviewing work center capacity?
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