2023 February

Posts made in February, 2023

QAD Acquisitions and What They Mean For the QAD User

by Don Lindsey To improve its offerings and make its ERP system more robust, QAD has acquired some companies through the years. Let’s look at significant QAD purchases over time, how they have improved the system, and where QAD functionality and business success might be going. QAD was purchased on June 28, 2021, by Thoma […]

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6 Reasons to Check Out Our Production Planner

Haven’t looked into our Production Planner Data Loader? Now’s the time. With today’s supply chain challenges, effective production planning and scheduling are more critical for your company than ever. You need real-time visibility to crucial information to make solid, fact-based decisions in the current climate. Without it, you can’t maintain reasonable product costs or give […]

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A Purchasing Portal for Every ERP—Even No ERP!

Slow Approval Times? Purchasing Bottlenecks? Higher Costs? Frustrated Employees? Do you have any of these purchasing process predicaments? If you do, it can negatively impact your customers and your bottom line.  Experts say that these practices are what you need for a nimble and efficient requisition process. Electronic purchasing system with automated approval routing. Ability […]

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Resources for Managing QAD Access Security Webinar

Here are some resources and additional reading to complement our Managing QAD Access Security webinar. Sarbanes–Oxley Act 17 Incredible Onboarding Statistics [2023] Certified Information Systems Security Professional Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria CFR – Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Active Directory Domain Services Overview How to enable auditing for an OpenEdge database How to […]

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Using SAF codes in QAD for more robust reporting

A chart of accounts (COA) lists all the financial accounts in a company’s general ledger (GL) that correspond to the structure of a company’s financial statements. To define the chart of accounts, QAD uses data from the general ledger account, sub-account, cost center, and project code. QAD also provides supplementary analysis fields (SAFs), which can […]

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Yamaha Boat Companies Find Winning Success

In this webinar, we are joined by representatives of Yamaha Boats, Skeeter Boats, and G3 Boats to discuss how the 32 Soft Data Loaders they have adopted throughout the Yamaha companies have significantly improved their productivity and efficiency. They will discuss their use of Data Loaders in Production, Master Data Maintenance, Supply Chain, and Finance. […]

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