2023 January

Posts made in January, 2023

Managing QAD Access Security

Maintaining tight data access security protects your organization’s data, reputation, and bottom line. Neglecting it can lead to hefty financial penalties for SOX non-compliance. To remain SOX compliant, you must manage access rights during onboarding, role changes, and offboarding. You must also practice Segregation of Duties (SoD), maintain an access control matrix, perform periodic access […]

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Resources for Visualizing Data in QAD Webinar

Here are some resources and additional reading to complement our Visualizing Data in QAD: Schemas, Taxonomies, Mnemonics, and Codes webinar.       Additional Reading The Krebs Cycle — Harnessing Chemical Energy for Cellular Respiration The history of Schema: towards an easy to understand web What Is a Schema in Psychology? What is a schema? […]

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