2022 July

Posts made in July, 2022

Know the Risks of Moving to the Cloud

A NOTE FROM ALEX KIM: On July 8, 2022, Rogers Communications had a major service outage affecting more than 12 million Canadian users of their cable internet and cellular networks. You can read more about this major service outage here and the problems it caused for companies and individuals. I couldn’t help but be worried […]

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A Powerful Production Planner for Any ERP System (even Homegrown)

Production planners rely heavily on their previous experience when planning out how to move orders through the system without missing a beat: no bottlenecks, no inefficiencies, no stops, and starts. However, today’s supply chain disruptions, labor force issues, wild market demand fluctuations, inflation, and other new challenges brought on by Covid-19 have changed the game. […]

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Get Rid of Show-Stopping Record Locks

Unpredictable blocked sessions irritate users, hurt business performance, and upset management. The worst part – you can’t always pinpoint what or who causes it. In this webinar, we’ discuss the record lock experience from both the user’s and the DBA’s point of view. You’ll learn how to troubleshoot this problem and fix it forever – […]

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We have too many part numbers! SKU Rationalization to the rescue.

by Don Lindsey After an organization has been doing business for several years, it tends to multiply things in its ERP framework. As raw materials and intermediate subassemblies expand, there is also a duplication of item numbers that creep into the system. Mergers and acquisitions can also contribute to this SKU (stock-keeping units) glut. It […]

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How Much Does your Product’s Quality Cost?

by Don Lindsey In the processing of modern supply chains, your organization must pay particular attention to the cost of ensuring the quality of its products. Revenue will suffer if poor product quality damages your organization’s reputation. The Cost of Quality Cost of Quality (CoQ) is a robust way to quantify the total cost of […]

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AI In Action: Real-World Examples of How Manufacturers Use AI for Results

  Artificial intelligence projects range from large and complex projects that overhaul production with robotics to smaller projects that solve targeted challenges and deliver big results. Many of the smaller, more manageable, targeted AI solutions are the more successful ones. They are often pilot programs to test the waters, develop a base for further digital […]

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