2022 May

Posts made in May, 2022

Developing High-Performing Suppliers

Do you trust your suppliers? Do they consistently deliver on time and in the quantity you order? Is their quality acceptable? How can you measure this accurately and fairly? QAD’s Supplier Performance module gives you the tools to measure and monitor supplier performance. In this webinar, Don Lindsey uncovers the importance of measuring supplier performance […]

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Fixed Assets: Tracking What You Own & Where It Is

Land, buildings, office equipment, machinery, tools, and IT appliances are all types of assets purchased for long-term use and referred to as fixed assets. It is important to document, track, value, and report the status of various assets in your organization. The Fixed Asset module in QAD allows you to do just that. This module […]

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DIY: Build the Best Business Intelligence Tool for Your QAD Environment

Find out how a fellow QAD user built an outstanding enterprise-wide performance indicator system using MS Power BI—without help from his IT or any outside consultants. It took only 20 days from the start to the launch. Cost nothing to implement and has an extremely low total cost of ownership. You can do it too. […]

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