2020 July

Posts made in July, 2020

QAD Shop Floor Control Presentation

Don Lindsey covers several aspects of Work Orders and Shop Floor Control from WO creation to release, from component issue and Back Flush to Labor application and Work Order Analysis. He briefly covers Repetitive Setup and Processing, as well as highlights of Kanban processing. Since in the future Operations within QAD WIP will be the […]

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QAD Tutorials

Welcome to EDU 32- free educational resource for QAD End Users. Learn how you can best use QAD ERP to work with the unique complexities of your enterprise. Large variety of topics ranging from MRP/DDMRP to Inventory Control, Accounting/Variances and more. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals offers you their invaluable insight into […]

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Get GL transactions from QAD the pain-free way

Do you moan and groan about the time and tedium when the auditor asks for all of last year’s transactions? If you’ve ever had to download hundreds of thousands of transactions from QAD EE for the auditors, you know what I mean. With the QAD restrictions of 50K records, you can spend hour after mind-numbing […]

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