2019 December

Posts made in December, 2019

2019 Was a Banner Year for our Webinars!

Here’s what viewers of our 2019 webinars are saying! Over the past 18 months, we’ve added a new dimension to our popular monthly webinars. While we still offer product demonstration webinars when we have a new solution or enhancement to announce, our webinars now mostly focus on education. They are designed to give you a […]

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Tools to Power Up Your QAD Data Management

At the Fall West Coast Users Group in Santa Barbara, Amber Gratin from Penumbra Inc. gave a presentation case study explaining how they save hundreds of man-hours and increase their profitability by using Data Loaders from 32 Soft. Amber showed how the Price List Maintenance and Inventory Account Maintenance Data Loaders empower their staff to […]

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Proof of Concept when Purchasing Software

I hope it hasn’t happened to you or your company. You are searching for software that solves a particular problem in your organization. You’ve seen a demo of the software, you’ve asked all the right questions, you’ve vetted your supplier, you’ve been promised the solution will work for you. You’ve purchased only to find out […]

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