2018 July

Posts made in July, 2018

Safety Stock Calculation

Safety stock is your guard against uncertainty. When safety stock levels aren’t optimal, you could be tying up cash flow or threaten your ability to adequately serve your customers. Determining the most efficient inventory levels is one of the most important components of your company’s operations. Safety stock describes a level of extra inventory to mitigate […]

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Item Numbers—The Bedrock of the QAD System

Introduction to QAD–Item Numbers Item numbers are the bedrock of the QAD system. In general terminology, the item number is the identification number assigned to an item. Also called a part number, SKU number, or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), an item number can represent a service as well as a physical item. It is good practice […]

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Production Planning without ERP

  Do You Need to Plan Production Without ERP System? If you don’t have ERP System and still need to plan production effectively our MS Excel based tools allow you to manage Products, Components, Bills of Materials and Production Schedule itself. Interested? Contact us for more information.

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Lot Size Concepts EOQ Formula

  Presented by Don Lindsey, CFPIM, CIRM Download the EOQ Calculation spreadsheet Find out more about Reorder Point (ROP) Find out more about Safety Stock The Extraordinary Value Of MRP Webinar   Don Lindsey, CFPIM, CIRM  is a knowledgeable Implementation Project Manager, Trainer and Business Analyst for all areas of QAD.  He has been an […]

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