2017 September

Posts made in September, 2017

Why Real-Time Book To Ship Data is Crucial

The Book To Ship ratio can be used to help measure a company’s efficiency, to identify problems in the supply chain and is an indicator of the overall health of the company. The ratio is, quite simply, the amount that is recorded in the company’s books compared to the amount of inventory it has shipped […]

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#WECUG Fall 2017 Presentation

Breaking The Pain Chain DON LINDSEY – CESI NANCY McCRIMMON – 32 Soft WECUG Conference Tuesday, October 24, 10:30am PDT Your ERP system is based on data, tons of data. All that data necessitates repetitive activities that can be a source of tedium and pain to your staff. Join Don Lindsey and Nancy McCrimmon to […]

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#MWUG Fall 2017 Presentation

Using QAD Data to Measure On-Time Performance TRIS HOPKINS Carlisle Brake & Friction ALEX KIM 32 Soft Inc. 8:30 am, Tuesday, October 10, 2017 At Carlisle Brake and Friction, they know that on-time delivery is vitally important to customer satisfaction and loyalty. And they also know that the more they understand how their customers see them, […]

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Data Loaders vs Excelerator Worksheet

If you are in the process of evaluating and comparing Excelerator to Data Loaders, we have a handy worksheet that will get you started on comparing costs. This worksheet will help you to think through some of the hidden costs such as training, maintenance, and future deployment of applications. Request Your Worksheet here. You’ll find more […]

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