2013 April

Posts made in April, 2013

WO Component Issue Data Loader 16.10

Great productivity tool has been designed to massively issue components for Work Orders in QAD, replacing the need for manually running 16.10 menu for each work order one by one. It also handles substitute parts. Watch the demo and request free trial. Learn more about Data Loaders for QAD.

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32 Soft Extension Workbench for QAD

Extension Workbench is an Excel tool built to expand QAD functionality by accommodating supplementary data, which normally are hosted outside of QAD ERP. Extension Workbench not just allows you to define additional fields to virtually any QAD table, but also provides a great capability for massively managing the additional data from convenient Excel Spreadsheet. Once […]

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Master Comments Data Loader for QAD 1.12

Master Comments Data Loader 1.12 helps you to massively create, update and delete (when configured) QAD master comments. Usually QAD users maintain thousands of master comments in QAD ERP 1.12. These comments are printed on internal and outbound QAD documents, such as Purchase Orders, Work Order tickets, Sales Invoices, Schedules, etc. These massive comment records […]

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