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FREE Utilities & Guides for QAD!

These utilities and guides for QAD will make your life easier—and, they’re FREE!   Auto-Populate Pivot Tables from QAD—FREE Our Pivot Populator automatically fills in your pivot tables with real-time QAD data so you can provide those custom reports with speed and agility. Get your FREE Pivot Populator utility   Automate your Supplier Schedule Distribution […]

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Get Purchasing Control in QAD

All the critical processes that make up your purchasing cycle add value to both your customer and your company. We are taking a close look at the functions of the procurement cycle in QAD. You’ll discover new ideas as we explore some practical tips you may not have used in your organization. We’ll cover The […]

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Auto email supplier schedules from QAD

Traditionally QAD users would print Supplier Schedules onto paper and then scan to email or FAX them to suppliers individually, one by one. This is very labor intensive process, especially when you have a few hundred suppliers. Now you can automate the entire process of generation and distributing supplier schedules with the use of LBOX […]

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