32 Soft Referral Program

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Here’s how referrals work with 32 Soft!

Do you know colleagues from outside your company who would benefit from 32 Soft solutions? Tell them about us and submit their details here and there will be rewards for them and for you!

Here’s how our process works.

Step 1

Tell your contacts about us and how our solutions have worked for you. Send them to our website where they can request more information or a Free Trial.
Or, if you prefer, we’ll send them an email explaining why we are contacting them and reference your name.
Either way, please provide their information so we can make sure you will receive credit when your contact becomes a client of ours.

Step 2

When they request a free trial or demo, we will let you know. Once the free trial is sent or the demo takes place, we will reward you with a $10 Starbucks or Amazon gift card.

Step 3

When they purchase one of our programs, they will receive $100 off their purchase—and we’ll reward you again with your choice of $100 off your next invoice or a $50 VISA gift card.