QAD Installation Bundle

This Bundle Will Save You A Bundle!

Are you new to QAD? Implementing QAD to another site? Been through merge and acquisition? Our QAD Installation Bundle of Data Loaders is a must-have tool if you have recently decided to adopt QAD as your ERP system or expanding its usage.

Our Data Loader technology allows you to import your existing data into Excel spreadsheet templates where you can review the data and make any necessary changes and additions before uploading it to your new QAD system.

The QAD Installation Bundle includes Data Loaders that help you load and maintain Customer, Supplier, Item Master, BOM’s, Routings, Cost Sets, Inventory records and make quick work of the time-intensive process of gathering and converting data for your new QAD installation. And, we’re offering it at a special introductory rate.

What makes Data Loaders such effective and safe time-savers for new installations?
•   They give you complete visibility of your data. You can review thousands of records at one time using full Excel functionality and see any errors or inconsistencies before loading to QAD.

•   They significantly improve the speed with which you can add new data to QAD. Simply type in the new records or copy/paste repetitive data. This will save hours compared to the one-at-a-time method of entry in QAD.

•   Data Loaders validate the accuracy of your data during the upload to QAD and terminate the batch if any errors occur.

•   Our unique software flags any errors in the Excel template and even gives you a description of the error.

•   Data Loaders are completely safe to use with QAD because they use genuine QAD business logic to perform tasks.

•   They increase your productivity, reduce errors, and contribute significantly to your bottom line

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We have dozens of DATA LOADER modules for every major QAD data management process:
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