Speed Up Your #QAD Replenishment Process

Capital Safety Handles a 35% Sales Increase without Adding or Overworking their Master Scheduler Staff

Life was complicated for the Master Schedulers at Capital Safety US in 2010 when the normal 10-15% Spring sales surge hit 35% and stayed at that level for the rest of the year.

Certainly, this was a wonderful situation for Capital Safety. But for the 8 Master Schedulers who had to keep up with demanding replenishment needs, it meant long days and nights and a taxing work/life balance.

Moggie Brady, Supply Chain & Materials Process Leader for Capital Safety, was a Master Scheduler in 2010 and recalls that time well.

“I would spend my day on customer service requests and all that entailed,” says Moggie. “At the end of the day, I would pick up my baby, play with him, feed him, and put him to bed at 8:00. From 8:00 until midnight, I would buy my parts. The sheer volume of work during the day didn’t allow me the time to do the most basic and important function of my job. This was true for all of our Master Schedulers who each made sacrifices in their personal lives to get the job done.”

They knew that had to find a way to streamline some of their QAD processes. That’s when the folks at Capital Safety met Alex Kim of #32Soft and discovered the benefits of Data Loader technology in the QAD environment. Together, 32 Soft and Capital Safety developed what has become 32 Soft’s Production Planner and Replenishment Workbench Data Loaders.

“We develop our software solutions to solve the specific, real-world challenges of our clients,” says CEO and founder of 32 Soft, Alex Kim. “We listen to our customers and we test and fine-tune in an actual QAD environment to produce smart productivity tools that are the right fit for the need and offer the best value for the money spent.”

The combination of the Production Planner and the Replenishment Workbench Data Loaders helped Moggie and each of her fellow Master Schedulers reduce the normal 2-3 hour planning/buying task to 20-30 minutes. Today, they manage 10 more production cells than they did in 2010 with the same number of Master Schedulers. And, they all enjoy a great work-life balance.

Find out more about how Capital Safety managed a 35%+ increase business year after year without the addition of any Master Schedulers here.

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