Socket Error 10053

If you get an Error Message similar to the presented in the print screen below when trying to upload or download data using 32 Soft Data Loaders, read on.


First off, this is not 32 Soft program bug. It has to do with your company network security or security of the QAD ERP server on cloud environment. Most likely there is a network monitoring software that watches QAD server port’s traffic and automatically brakes connections if any suspicious activities spotted. We have few reports from customers which we were able to pinpoint.


If you are able to change the policy of your network security, change the rule to exclude 32 Soft selected ports from monitoring. One of our customers uses Meraki MX250 network monitoring tool, which is using Layer 7 firewall rules to block peer-to-peer traffic. They simply made a change to the rule to exclude 32 Soft selected ports from monitoring and blocking the peer-to-peer traffic.


If you can’t change network security rules for whatever reason, change 32 Soft ports on the server to any available under 1000, for example 925 or similar. Make sure there are no services running on these new selected ports. You need also to change the port numbers in Data Loader templates.

Contact us if questions or if you need help.