Revolutionizing QAD Functionality with Excel

Is there faster and easier way to manage QAD data?

Can we eliminate manual entry into QAD and the errors that come with it?
Can we simultaneously maintain QAD data in multiple screens from a single spreadsheet?
Is there a way to create the reports we need to better respond to today’s fast-paced business environment?
We want our data to be accurate and current in QAD, but we don’t have the resources to update each record individually in QAD. Is there an alternative?
CIM loads can be so laborious. Is there a more efficient way to make mass updates to QAD?
We can download our data to Excel in order to create reports and analyze data but we can’t instantaneously see what it behind the numbers without diving into QAD. Is there a better way?


There sure is! Welcome to the world of Data Loaders.

If you are looking for ways to improve QAD functionality and your data management process, you have come to the right place. With our simple, easy-to-use and cost-effective Data Loader technology, you can …

  • Download your QAD data into convenient Excel spreadsheets where you can manage your data using full Excel functionality. Then, safely upload your data back to QAD!
  • So, you can copy/paste data from one cell to another to make massive changes in minutes rather than changing on record at a time in QAD. You’ll save hours!
  • Many of our Data Loaders allow you to view supporting documentation, such as purchase orders, vouchers, sales orders, etc. with a look up button. You have real-time access to QAD documents with the click of a button.
  • You’ll eliminate the need for CIM loads entirely!
  • You know your data is safe because you set up access security when you install, so only QAD users with access privileges to the appropriate QAD menus can download data from those menus.
  • You know your data is accurate because Data Loaders validate your data using genuine QAD logic before they allow an upload to your QAD system. Not only that, but any errors that are found are highlighted in the Data Loader Excel spreadsheet for easy identification. You simply fix the error and click the upload button again.


We have dozens of Data Loaders for every major QAD function and menu. Learn more about Data Loaders