New! Material Order Shipments Data Loader

Do you use QAD’s Service and Support module to manage service data?

Do you depend on your field personnel to always have parts available in their trunk stock?

If so, 32 Soft introduces an innovative new Data Loader that efficiently ships your service reps the parts they need while keeping those parts in your company inventory until they are consumed. Our Material Order Shipments Data Loader allows you to use QAD’s Material Order functionality to handle requests for parts and track the transfer of inventory from the warehouse location to a service rep’s trunk stock location.

You know how time-consuming it can be to individually process shipments and transfers of lot/serial controlled items, especially when you have many orders with multiple lines. 32 Soft’s Material Order Shipments Data Loader manages that transfer of inventory by providing a tool that can ship or transfer multiple material orders in minutes, as well as accurately track lot/serial numbers for parts.

If you are using third-party logistics (3PL) to manage the distribution of parts, you can use this Data Loader to import files with material order information. The Loader will automatically populate the correct columns without the user having to enter the data manually. The Loader then validates the imported data against QAD data using genuine QAD logic and presents the user with any errors before updating to QAD directly. You can ship/transfer multiple material orders in minutes!

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