Make 2018 Nimble and Lean

It’s hard to believe it is once again close to the new year, but here we are. Get a great start on making your business nimble and lean in 2018 by signing up for our first quarter webinars!

We’ll start off the year with Get Audit Trail Compliance through a Simplified Product Change Process on January 17. If you’re a manufacturing company, you’ll want to attend this webinar to find out how you can not only achieve better visibility and control of your product changes but also automatically maintain an audit trail in QAD. This is game-changing!

I’m sure you know that failure to accurately maintain product changes can affect your entire organization. It can lead to production disruption and compliance headaches. And, you sure want to eliminate those. Register here.

Next up is Juggle Customer Schedules Like a Champ! on February 14. You know how critical it is to deliver customer scheduled orders on time. But you also know how hard it can be to spot trends and changes in QAD customer schedules –- and match those to your own production demands.

Imagine having all the information you need to make decisions quickly and efficiently in one place. Find out how you can get more visibility into past, present and future schedules so you can identify changes, react quickly and plan accordingly. Register here.

In March, we’ll round out the quarter with Get Compliance Control of your Customer Invoice Process on March 14. We’ll show you a creative way to easily deal with those pesky customer invoices that originate outside of QAD shipments such as AR rebates or third-party shipped customers. Learn how you can get them processed and into QAD fast –- and have improved compliance and control as well as superior cost analysis. Register here.

Have a great 2018! We look forward to serving you.